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A uSync Complete license is valid for all Umbraco sites in a project
(e.g local, dev, stage, QA, live), and includes: uSync.Publisher, uSync.Exporter, uSync.Snapshots and uSync.PeopleEdition .

A v9/10/11 uSync License license entitles you to all Umbraco v9/10 and v11 versions of uSync.Complete including all minor updates (e.g v9.2 -> v9.5, v9.9, v10.0, v10.5, v11.1 etc)

When you purchase an current uSync.Complete license you will also receive an uSync.Complete v8 license key.

uSync.Complete upgrade license £1,045 £385 excl. VAT
Prices excl. VAT may be subject to change dependent upon your country of residence.

uSync.Complete Domain

£385 excl. VAT

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