Help with Umbraco Projects

Are building your next website in Umbraco?

We can help. Whether you need additional development resources, or advice and guidance on the best way to structure your site, we have the unique blend of experience that you need. We know all about working with Umbraco (Kevin is an Umbraco MVP). We have spent years making big, complex websites work well for both the organisation and its customers. Our Local Gov Starter Kit has been used thousands of times across the world, to kick-start Umbraco projects, but whether you use the kit or not, we can help you to make your website the best it can be.

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Content Resources

We have spent twenty years working with large, content-heavy websites, and we can help you write and organise the content your site deserves. Let us produce clear, consistent content for your site, that matches your house style and works with your content management system, whatever you use.

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Reviews and Advice

We have accumulated vast experience of local government, of user-focused design and of task-driven services. Our LocalGov PageSpeedy service has added to this a broad overview of over 220 new sites in that sector. We can offer expert reviews, advice and comparative analysis to help you get the best from your site. We know the simple fixes that can make a massive difference to how your site meets the needs of your customers. Service integration can be complex, but we can help you to get the most from your site while you maximise your back office processes, and become more efficient and responsive.

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Digital Strategy

Digital touches every part of your business, so digital strategy has to be much more than what servers you are going to buy, and what you are going to call your intranet.

Getting the ethos of digital service delivery embedded across your organisation will make the biggest long term difference to how well you "do" digital. Bring us in to consult, and we'll help you get to root of the problem, so you can produce a strategy for digital that really works.

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Content Training

Clean, task-focused content will have the biggest effect on the efficiency of your website, but it’s often overlooked. You need to be sure that all your team understand the nuances of creating quality content.

We can help bring your team up to speed, creating the best content for your site. Let us bring bespoke content training to your team, tailored to you and your organisational needs.

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